Meet the team

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Victoriya Bobbitt

As President, Vic makes sure that everything happens smooth-like-butter and right on time. She travels incessantly, adores hitch hikers and lifts heavy things at the gym.



Core Desired Feelings:

Free. Light. Clarity. Abundance.

Director of Marketing

Angie Wheeler

Angie is our resident marketing strategist, product developer, genius-level creative, and ever-so-lovable nerd. She loves animals, her family and the gorgeous golden state of California. She also adores snail mail, new friends (say hello!) and samosas.



Core Desired Feelings:

Free. Light. Love. Water.

People + Partnerships

Steph Corker

Steph is most passionate about heartbeats – be it sweaty pursuits or new ideas, whatever makes a heart beat faster. She is a recovering corporate junkie who believes in breaking the rules, hiring the under dog and drinking green juice daily. When not online, she is an avid ironman athlete chasing the dream of returning to Kona!




Core Desired Feelings:

Aloha. Adventure. Abundance. Love.


Renee Masur

Renee is the creative curator for the Desire Map. She finds inspiring people + conversations and transforms them into stories. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the community and loves to bring up the energy anywhere she goes. She adores cooking, couples, and farmers markets.




Core Desired Feelings:

Fierce. Tenacious. Whole. Light.


content + community

Megan Ladd

Megan is fueled by words, photos, music and conversations that crack hearts wide open. She geeks out on personal development and is our go-to editor, copywriter, content curator, and community builder for all-things Danielle LaPorte. She loves dancing (especially to Beyoncé), travels as much as possible, and always has her camera ready to capture magic along the way.



Core Desired Feelings:

Free. Wholehearted. Joyful. Divinely Feminine.

Operations Manger

Tracea Ahearn

Tracea likes to know how things work, then figures out how to make them work better.  Her favourite word is Automation.  She’s absolutely nuts about dogs, enjoys drawing, and will talk your ear off about health and wellness if you let her.


Core Desired Feelings:

Energised. Light. Free. Golden.

Project Manager - Operations

Kate Hufnagel

Being focused on all things project-related, Kate has her eye on everything. It’s not always sexy, but someone’s got to do it. And she rocks it. When she’s taking a break from getting it done for us, you’ll find her facetiming with her niece + nephews, enjoying the outdoors, and cozying up to a glass of wine.



Core Desired Feelings:

Balanced. Nourished. Relevant. Playfully Radiant.


Jenn Rose Orajay

When we have a question that no one else can answer, our go-to response is: Ask Jenn! Jenn has her angelic hands in operations, development and loving customer support. When she’s not keeping our foundation strong, she loves to spend time with her family, get pedicures and splash at the beach.



Core Desired Feelings:

Gentle. Zealous. Grateful. Rejuvenated. Divinely Favoured.

Art Director

Laurie Millotte

“Everything you can put in your mouth I can brand” was an originally unfortunate word association, but is now a motto Laurie embraces. She believes in the power of well crafted brands and ideas to make the world a better place. With a focus on innovative branding and packaging, she thrives in creating unique and conceptually thoughtful work that delights consumers.


Core Desired Feelings:

Empowering. Creative. Curious. Enthusiastic. Adventurous.


Digital Telepathy - MK Cook




LWC Mobile Apps

Lindsey Witmer Collins is the founder of LWC, a mobile app design and development firm that has been producing apps for enterprises large and small since 2010. With a 75% female development team and over 50 iPhone and Android apps in their portfolio, LWC works to increase accessibility, friendliness and trust in app development and to master their craft, one line of code – and one pixel – at a time.


Sounds True Publishing



Anatta Design


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