Purification. Pain. Passion. And marrying your soul. Or…How to tap your deep creativity.

If you want to tap into your deep creativity — the profound, unbridled, genius, life-infusing, widely useful and healing kind of creativity, then purification is essential.

How do you know when your creation is finished? Like, you’re done working on it and it’s time to let it go.

Hey! AIM for perfection, but it’s out of reach. And hey! That’s okay, because you’ll probably land on something beautiful…maybe your work is really finished. It’s time.

Some fame, too much coolness, and the kindness that makes everything okay.

If you’ve been around any PFP’s for any length of time you’ll notice (and yes this is an overgeneralization but, not really), that almost everybody wants something from them.

Put your soul on the agenda. The 2016 Desire Map Planner Collection is here!

I say this every year: I LOVE my day planner. I’m so proud of this planner system. And every year, I totally overhaul the design and make it even better. And then I say, No, THIS year, it’s the best edition yet. Well…

You’ll do it when you’re ready. #Truthbomb elaborations

There’s a lot of pressure to be ready now, yesterday, ASAP. Grow achieve push plow crank rank. But you’re ready when you’re ready. Think of all the times you pushed your friends to dump the fool they were with…for years…

The story of Freddy & the iPhone — and 4 questions for Creatives

I’ve been thinking on behalf of Creatives everywhere. I have some questions for us: What have you got in your archive that can be turned into art today? We’re so occupied with creating new and innovative that we can forget our past experiments or the ideas whose time hasn’t come yet. Remember that one idea you had…? Dust it off now and see if it’s got some glimmer to it….

Random notes on my writing process

I wrote The Fire Starter Sessions in 6 months. The Desire Map poured out in 3 months (but I didn’t leave the house for those three months. Not even kidding.) I write mostly late at night. I’m diligently trying to changing this habit and write more in the morning. I’m a night owl, so this is problematic. As much as I swear, it’s never fucking gratuitous…

What’s your Creativity Pattern?

As artists (and we’re all artists) we have patterns of creating. A way that we typically make things happen. A style in which we pull ideas down from the ethers and put them into form. It usually takes a while to figure out what your pattern of creativity is. You need to have cranked out a few projects, raised a few babies, made a few flops and masterpieces to have something to ‘retrospect’ on…

Passion over perfection. Love over politics. The Story of Mrs. Mulvey.

I was in a special English class in high school, the one for the word geeks and bookworms. That was me in the front row with big hair and leg warmers, talking Bronte and Shakespeare. Mrs. Mulvey, my English teacher, was on the outside of my teen drama (and there was a lot of drama back then — I left home when I was sixteen), and we rarely spoke out of class, but how she treated me quietly influenced my entire creative career

The biggest threat to your creativity…

The biggest threat to your creativity… is the fear that it’s already been done, said, created. (So why bother?) Say it, do it, make it anyway — but tell YOUR story along the way. The story of how you came to know what you know. The story of what you want to know more of…

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