a sentiment for blazing

let your pure faith burn the way

The Bright Privilege

Your aspirations
are not a race, an exam, or a series of skill testing questions
that permit you to proceed…

Nothing changes without me (a poem for open, terrified hearts)

Sometimes, my heart is so open
I can’t tell
if it is a gaping wound
or a portal
for everything
that ever was and ever will be…

roses absolutely everywhere

When I broke out of prison
I found Roses absolutely everywhere.
(I did hear them singing through the bars.)…

Pure generous radiance

Before I chose my face for this world
even before the shape of my heart…

focus (a poem for sacred prioritizing)

We dance ’round fires
to pray for others to change…

You have no jurisdiction here (a poem for boundary-making)

The outline of my being
shines brighter than
agreements I made before now…

The Chorus (A poem for those of us always trying to get ahead.)

The long time of loud striving
the symbols of success
keeping time in my head
always a quarter b-b-beat behind…

Being each a star

If I ever tell you
that I long for my
Star Home
don’t back away…

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