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Truth telling. (The daringly happy and ebullient kind.)

What about the purely positive truths that make you shy to share? They're so bright and electrically charged that you fear they might blind their receiver, or you'll just look all gushy and soft and love foolish. ...

open up any way

open wide. give your desires words. out loud words. tenderly gaze of the eye to eye. expose your craving anyway you must, under a blanket or backed by a rented band. reveal your intentions, clean. stand there, vulnerable, waiting.

11 slightly scary ways to become a better you

Work with people who are smarter or more accomplished than you. In the last month or so I’ve advised a mega-website/magazine that has the #1 community forum on the world wide web, a super savvy duo who are #1 in their industry and have one of the finest business plans I’ve seen; and a kick-ass forum of some of the most savvy marketers, motivators, and communicators in action...

You will be called on to expand. And this is why we practice.

You will be interrupted. You will be called on to expand. You will be asked who you are and why you are here. This is why we practice.

Courage breathes deep whole breaths

Courage breathes deep whole breaths...


How else do you want to feel?

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