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testing posts…..

“Can you speak about emptiness?” a young woman asked at my talk. As those words came out, she circled her hands in front of her stomach, as if she was rubbing a hollow belly.  I asked. A key distinction. Numbness is the result of being overloaded—too much pain, too much information, too much medication. Emptiness […]

Just don’t expect crazy people to be sane (cause that’s crazy).

People are going to be who they are most of the time. In character, not out of character. Guys with anger issues can complain about kittens and unicorns. Folks who run a lot of anxiety will worry about the days of the week coming on time. Positive thinkers figure that the train derailment saved them […]

6 opinions on having a creative opinion. (But only my opinions. Because…opinionated.)

Have an opinion. Let me be very clear about this: have an opinion or don’t bother making art for commerce — you’re wasting people’s time. I did a creative thinking intensive with one of my favourite artists and shit disturbers, James Victore. He assigned each of us a news article and we had to come up […]

How gentleness creates the big breakthrough

Underneath most suffering is self-recrimination for suffering. We get down on ourselves for not being up and out of it. I should be over it by now. I shouldn’t have brought this on myself. I should be back in the game. I should be more…more anything but this. And this is where the grip really […]

SImple test post

This is test for feature image on home page. Diva. Arrogant. Too emotional. Insensitive. Changeable. In a hurry. When Maranda Pleasant, Founder + Editor of Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine asked me all the names I’ve been called on my way to where I am/who I am…well that was easy to recall. I’ve also been […]

A test post

Diva. Arrogant. Too emotional. Insensitive. Changeable. In a hurry. When Maranda Pleasant, Founder + Editor of Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine asked me all the names I’ve been called on my way to where I am/who I am…well that was easy to recall. I’ve also been called Flakey. Too poetic. And as if it was […]

Create success on your own terms: A free audio course from Danielle to light up your 2016

The Fire Starter Sessions Audio Course: A soulful + practical guide to creating success on your own terms

Creative hiatus: We’re pressing Pause on Desire Map Licensing Registration as of January 31.

The 2015 launch of the Desire Map Licensing Program was a HUGE year for Team D. Over 750 licensees around the world, in yoga studios and living rooms, lighting candles, building altars, and writing intentions for people who want to put their feelings first.

Is your Inner Motivational Speaker, like, nice to you? Because interior tone matters so very much.

We all have a voice in our heads telling us what to do. Pick a motivational ‘ism, (it doesn’t really matter which one): Feel the fear and do it anyway. Decide to rise. Do what ordinary people fear. No pain, no gain. Find a way, not an excuse. Dream bigger. Really, nothing wrong with any […]

Some fame, too much coolness, and the kindness that makes everything okay.

If you’ve been around any PFP’s for any length of time you’ll notice (and yes this is an overgeneralization but, not really), that almost everybody wants something from them.

Staying fluid, jealousy, and are women too hard on themselves? A Q&A on Womanhood

The German magazine Allegria, asked me some good questions about WOMANHOOD. We could have talked for days…

28 of the best things I ever did — from my bedroom to my business

1. Started treating my office like it was a real room that was worthy of my best treasures, not the “spare room made into an office”.

What to do after you have a breakthrough. (You’re going to shrink after you expand, so, listen closely.)

Threshold, crossed. You got there. After the grinding, the repetitive strain, the cord-cutting, the screams of release, the bliss of relief — the training paid off. Muscle burn got you across the finish line. Soul fire resurrected you. BREAKTHROUGH.

Danielle LaPorte apple experiment

Words can make you sick. Or healed. Heavy or light. Here’s an experiment that might prove it.

Each half of the same apple sat in its own sealed jar on our windowsill. Throughout the day, we’d walk by and say to The Apple of Positivity, “You are so awesome! You’re a winner! You are perfect, gorgeous, useful. We love you apple! Apple! You rock!” As for The Apple of Negativity…

“Open, gentle heart. Big fucking fence.” The advice I give on Love that took the longest time to learn.

So much of what I learned from New Age-ness was a spiritualized flavour of love that had more to do with looking evolved than actually deepening one’s relationship to Love itself (which is to say deepening one’s relationship to one’s VERY SELF — because you ARE Love).

Leaving the Church of Self Improvement – A Special Feature

Leaving the Church of Self Improvement for the Temple of Me. The lies that spur us on. Rooting in love. Pleasure rules. And more.

How to wish someone well — in a way that will blow your life wide open.

We’ve all been hurt. Screwed over. Taken for granted. Unseen. And once we untangle our hearts and egos from those painful interactions, sometimes we can still manage to send someone positive vibes.Harm done, but okay. Everyone did their best. Onward. I wish them well. And even though you’d never commune or collaborate with that person ever again, you really mean it…

What it really means to ‘Go with the flow’.

Going with the flow isn’t about being passive or lazy. It’s not about just letting things happen “to you”. It’s not aimless wandering. It’s a co-creative act. “The flow” is the ocean of cosmic intelligence. It’s the substance that carries the whole shebang…

Love Evolve

Lovevolve. And by that I mean…find out precisely how your people want to be loved and then…just love them that way. You’ll be a more loving person — more evolved.

Merkabah Star

This is the Merkabah Star, constructed in three dimensions from the Star of David. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. Inspired from my tattoo line. May we all ascend.

Flower of Life

Metaphysicians and soul-seekers love meditating on this sacred geometry symbol.

Be a fucking SUPER STAR

Sometimes you just gotta declare it into the world. And LOUD. Or drop the f-bomb. Inspired by one of my #Truthbombs.

The Desire Map Ultra Lite

The condensed version of The Desire Map. A rapid fire approach to help you get clarity on your Core Desired Feelings — the way you most want to feel every day.

Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful Mantra

From the pages of the daily and weekly #DesireMap Planner for the month of July 2016. It is from Yogi Bhajan. Speak it deep into your psyche and believe it. Ommm.

2016 Desire Map Planner Mantra

From the monthly mantra page of December 2016 in the #DesireMap Planner Collection, both the weekly and daily versions.

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